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thermal baths and sauna

​The thermal bath is carried out in the ancient tanks dug out of tufa caves, where you can dive for about twenty minutes in warm water and after a little relaxation you can continue with the natural sauna and the spring shower.

thermal muds

Sludge treatment can be performed on the whole body or affect specific areas such as hands, face and feet. Usually, with mud, a thermal shower follows and a few moments of rest to trigger the sweating reaction

healing massages

The healing massages (circulatory massage, lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage, hemolymphatic massage, etc.) are performed in the cabin by an expert masseur.


By inhaling the natural exhalations in the cave that come from the depth of the hydrothermal basin, various chronic diseases of the respiratory system can be treated. The whirlpool consists of a jet of thermal water at different levels of pressure and temperature.

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